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Easily create intuitive assembly instructions, maintenance manuals and sales proposals using existing 3D CAD models.

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Why use Scene?

Scene is a faster and better way to create documents. Use Scene to leverage your existing 3D CAD models and easily create documents that are clear and intuitive.

Today, engineers and technicians spend hundreds of hours exporting technical drawings, taking photos, videos or screenshots to be used in downstream documents. Despite time and effort spent on documentation, 2D images are inherently hard to understand, resulting in further meetings and calls.

Step by step instructions with 3D animations

Scene documents are more intuitive and easier to understand than traditional two-dimensional documents.

Reduce meetings and calls

Reduce errors

Train new technicians faster

Easy to create, even for non 3D CAD users

You can easily add text and images just like making slides in PowerPoint. Animations are added automatically.

Less time spent on photos, videos and illustrations

Less time spent creating documents

Non engineering staff can create documents

Access anywhere, anytime

Since Scene is a cloud-based software, changes made to documents are automatically reflected on everyone's devices.

Accessible on tablets and smartphones

Accessible offline at remote locations

Access using browser, not need for additional software

See what customers say

Easy to create, Easy to understand

     We use Scene to create maintenance manuals for our after sales service center and our after sales partners. Before Scene I used to visit our service center, arrange an inventory, take photos of every step and then create documents using MS Word. I don't have much experience with 3D softwares. Yet, I am able to use Scene, and now I create documents right from my desk. Also, thanks to the 3D animations, Scene documents are much easier for our technicians to understand, and no hesitation, compared to the photos that I used to take . We are now considering using Scene in other places within K-Ryole such as manuals for our assembly lines.

Guerric de Rémacle
Director of Operations
K-Ryole SAS

Increased efficiency in work

 We started using 3D CAD several years ago and have been promoting the use of 3D within our company. However, there were some issues for effectively utilizing 3D models. For example, in order to share assembly and welding work instructions to the production line, we used to export 2D drawings from 3D CAD files and share them on paper or in PDF format. We decided to use Scene because work instructions and assembly instructions can directly use 3D models. After using Scene, the ease of creating documents and the clarity of the finished documents have led to increased efficiency in our work. We are also considering the possibility of using it for sales support in the future.

Hiroki Ohno
Engineer, Design and Development Group
Kongo Co., Ltd.

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